Health & Safety

Health & Safety: Are you compliant with current requirements?

Security Access Systems take both ours and that of our clients’ health & safety duties very seriously considering the important regulatory requirements within our industry, which are required to be met under the Health & Safety Act. Both we and our clients have a duty of care to the public, both in the case of residential and commercial applications, regardless of where the equipment may be installed on the premises.

We have developed ourselves to be a market leader in Health & Safety within the automation security industry, advising our clients on the most appropriate precautions to ensure the minimisation of risk of injury of both employees and the general public, as well as reducing the risk of damage to property.

All of Security Access Systems installations are designed and installed to ensure that the minimisation of risk and compliance with current regulations in achieved to the best of our abilities at all times.

In the case of existing installations, our engineers are trained to undertake detailed reviews, examining the current safety precautions installed on the equipment, considering there adequacy, and where appropriate, advising on remedial work to correct the insufficiencies.

As part of this review, we provide the client with a report, encompassing a number of aspects which are carefully checked. Given the complexities of the forces involved, we also utilise the latest technical equipment to measure the forces exerted by the installation, a key points in there design.

The report, which we provide, consists of a detailed overview of our recommendations and technical outputs on the equipment, ensuring that this meets key European directives and English Acts in regards to regulations and requirements as well as guidance on how it can be improved upon to achieve this.

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